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Aarogya Ayushmati COVID 19
Prevention intervention for elderly widows in Vrindavan Supported by Industrialist and philanthropist Shri Arun Bharat Ram Family Facilitated by CAF India

Guild for Service implements a strategy to provide some protection to 5000 elderly widows through distribution of nutritional and health supplements and protective masks  Project launch 3rd July 2020 at Vrindavan covering ashrams ,shelter homes ,villages, and congregation
This is in continuation with the Guild efforts to give dignity to old age


The event took place on the 6th of October, 2016 at Ford Foundation Conference Room, New Delhi, commemorating the UN International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP).
It was attended by some renowned activists and development sector professionals like Mr Mathew Cherian (Helpage ), Ms Meera Khanna (Guild Of Service), Ms Sujaya Krishnan (Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health & Welfare, Mr Bijoy Patro (One World Foundation, India) and many more,  who are working towards creating a sensitized society in which the older persons can live with dignity and get the needed respect and care.
It began with the presentation on the National Policy on Older Persons announced in 1999 by the Govt. of India. Dr V Mohini Giri (Chairperson, Guild of Service) was the Chair of the concerned committee.

Some of the major recommendations which emerged in the course of discussion are as follows:
- New Provisions should be added to the New Policy.
a. Universal Non-contributory pension
b. Universal health insurance
c. Barrier free age friendly cities
- Need a different window or department which should be answerable for its progress and current status.
- Establishment of Department of Senior Citizens under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
- Establishment of Directorates of senior citizens in States and Union Territories.
- National /state Commission for Senior Citizens.
- Role of Block Development Offices, Panchayat Raj Institutions and Tribal Councils/Gram Sabhas.
- International push is needed.
- International Covenants are to be passed and signed by the concerned governments.
-National Commissions and laws to safeguard older people.
- Identification of the right person to mobilize and campaign for the act.
- Establishment of steering committees is needed.

Ma Dham

Constructed, operated and supported by Guild for Service, Maa Dham is a home for homeless and destitute women.

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Meera Khanna speaking at the Parallel event Widows & Widowhood: a n economic and humanitarian crisis at the 60th session of CSW, New York

Fun and Frolic at Ma Dham

Guild for service

The Guild For Service is a national voluntary developmental organization dedicated towards the empowerment of marginalized women and children.


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