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Webinar 23rd June 2021 at 4.00 pm IST
“The Impact of the Pandemic and subsequent Lockdowns on Widows”
South Asian Network for Widows Empowerment in Development (SANWED)
In collaboration with UN Women

To commemorate the International Day for Widows on 23rd June, SANWED in collaboration with UN Women is organizing a webinar on “The Impact of the Pandemic and subsequent Lockdowns on Widows” at 4.00 pm (IST).  SANWED (South Asian Network for Widows Empowerment in Development) is a collective of and for South Asia to uphold the human right of widows to live a life of dignity, to ensure that they are not socially marginalized, culturally ostracized, and economically deprived.
The Regional Secretariat of SANWED is currently based in INDIA at the Guild of Service, chaired by Dr. Mohini Giri.  

The webinar brings together speakers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka to discuss the  Impact of Covid 19 on widows in each country and present the best practices of  Government as well as civil society organizations that helped the widows. Speakers from UN Women, UK, and others will bring a global perspective.

 It is important that we comprehend the close linkage of the pandemic to poverty and treat the agency of widows as a vital dimension in the eradication of poverty. Eminent speakers such as Masuma Hasan from Pakistan, Mahbouba Seraj from Afghanistan, Ferdous Ara Begum from Bangladesh, Lily Thapa from Nepal, Meera Khanna from India, will share authentic accounts of the experience of widows. 

The webinar is the first-ever documentation of “Impact of Covid on Widows” anywhere in the world. 

Open attendance is welcomed on this link hosted by UN Women. Log in at 4 pm (IST) on 23 June.   

Ma Dham

Constructed, operated and supported by Guild for Service, Maa Dham is a home for homeless and destitute women.

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Meera Khanna speaking at the Parallel event Widows & Widowhood: a n economic and humanitarian crisis at the 60th session of CSW, New York

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